When is it time to call an accountant?

As a business owner an accountant is someone you should call before you start your business. Yes!! I said BEFORE!! So many people don’t take in to account or keep track of the initial expenses to starting a business. A lot us use our own personal money to get our business up and going, in the hopes that one day we can pay ourselves back. These initial expenses are important to keep track of so that you can pay yourself back. What tends to happen is people wait to call their accountant until they overwhelmed. We get so many calls that say ok now we need your help but we haven’t done anything since the business started. It is a lot harder to go back through and try to find everything from months before instead of just doing it at the beginning. Sometimes people say well I didn’t make any money so it really doesn’t matter. That is untrue because a loss can have a huge impact on your personal return so you could be missing out on some MONEY!! No business is to small to work with an accountant in some way to make sure your utilizing the advantages that fit your situation.