What type of tax returns do we prepare? We prepare a variety of tax forms. As IRS Enrolled Agents we are licensed to prepare income taxes in all 50 states. The most common is a personal 1040. For business clients we prepare Schedule C, 1120C, 1102S, and 1065’s. For our not for profit clients we file forms 990. If there is a particular form number you need help filing (and its not listed here) please call our office at 480-626-6800 we can let you know if we can file your speciality form.

What to expect at your tax appointment: During your 30 minute appointment we will get to know your tax situation. We will look through last years tax return and this year's tax documents. This is helpful for a couple of reasons. One is that it allows me to see what a normal tax year might look like for you. It also allows me to see if your missing documents. Sometimes it is easy to forget about that interest statement or the vehicle registration. We will talk about what I will do with your particular tax situation. I will ask you to upload the rest of your missing documents to the client portal; but the hope is that you have all of them with you. (Note: We will not start tax preparation until we have ALL documents) Then you will drop off all of your paperwork with me. I will prepare the return and call you back in to pick up the return. Typically a drop off takes one to two weeks to prepare completely. We will also automatically create a client portal account for you which will give you access to all of your documents...w-2’s, tax return, interest statements, etc.

What should I bring to my tax appointment: On our resources page there is a checklist for both business and individual tax clients. The most important things are all of your tax documents that you have received and a copy of last years tax return.

Do we have to meet? That really depends on the person. If you feel like you are fine to get the process started then you should call the office so we can create a client portal for you to start uploading documents to. We can finish up a return remotely with esignatures.

Contact us to learn more about our tax preparation services.