How much time are you spending on payroll processing and tax filing?
A few hours a month spent on payroll can add up to a lot of your time in a year. Let us help you find time in your schedule to focus on your business while we handle the numbers.

Can we save you money on payroll processing fees?
Yes! Our payroll services are not outsourced which means we can save you up to half of what you’re paying to bigger name payroll service managers. Perfect for a small business with 1-10 employees, we take the stress and expense out of processing and payroll tax filing.

Is it worth it for us to handle your small business payroll?
Yes! In addition to saving you money because we don’t outsouRce your account, we save you time. You don’t have to research the latest IRS employment and payroll regulations or set up and manage accounts. That’s time and money you can spend focusing on your business.

Do we handle payroll tax filing?
Yes and because of that, we take on all liability that incurs because of wrong reporting, timely filling, and more.

Are reports provided to our payroll clients?
Yes, our payroll clients receive reports which we can explain in detail on a phone call or in a meeting with you.